Jun 18, 2018

I have helped over 400 individuals get un-stuck and transition into roles and careers they love. I work with individuals at all stages in their careers to create the transition they want. I’m an expert on leadership and people development, change and performance management. Ask me anything!

CoachVGT: I prefer not to make broad generalizations; however, I have seen many individuals underperform out of fear of open communication. They are scared to admit they don't know how to do things or scared to ask for help. Often times, people aren't in the r…

My name is Djordje Petrovic. I am the Founder/CEO of a business consulting company. We help companies grow their business, enter new markets, improve their performances, etc...Ask me anything

Djordje Petrovic: Generally speaking, I think social media advertisement, Facebook and Instagram especially, are the best way to gain new clients and expand your business. Use influencers on those networks as well. At this moment that is the best ROI on your money.

4x Award-Winning Actor AMA - On Creating Your Own Opportunities & Developing An Acting Career Despite Any Obstacle.

Jackie Jorgenson: I think representation is imperative, and still has such a long way to go. Movies like Black Panther, Lady Bird, and Moonlight prove that not only are people turning up for stories about women, the lgbtqia community, and people of colour, but it's ea…
Jun 14, 2018

Top 3 Acting Tips - Ask Me Anything!

Devon Ryan: Acting was always something that I thought of as a child, but I didn't pursue it until later in life. After college, the timing, environment, and possibly my maturity felt ripe enough for me to finally explore this area of my life, so I started takin…
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