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Maria L.
Sep 7, 2017

Caique's education in theater and work experience in advertising gives him a diverse background in casting, making him the ideal source of expert tips in modeling and acting. As both an actor and a model himself, Caique offers knowledge and contacts in the industry through his AMA event where we got all the insightful responses below:

QUESTION: Why are you interested in this career?

Because is the only one that gets me realized. I think that can't fit in another job, like work in a place and stay all day staring the computer, what is most commom today.

QUESTION:  What was your first ever performance as an actor?

My first perfomance is in the movie called "nada a perder". My character is Eraldo. The movie has not been released yet.

QUESTION: How large is the movie industry in Brazil? Can you make a living as an actor there?

It's very big actually, there are many famous movies. But some of them are not because people here in Brazil has preconception with brazilian movies. Sometimes has great stuff in brazilian movies, just waiting to be discovered. And about the living, is very possible. But only jobs for tv, movies and adversiting. Theater perfomances it's very rare being paid well.

QUESTION: Do you have any limitations or is there anything you wouldn't or couldn't do?

I wouldn't participate movies that belittle people or encourage hate.

QUESTION: What would you like to have achieved career wise within the next 5 years? 

In the next 5 years I want to work in movies, tv series, and improve my techniques through work on theater while I don't have the opportunity to show up on tv.

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