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Jasmine Rodgers
Aug 30, 2018

You want to MAKE MONEY ONLINE, but do not know where to start? This is a Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners. × Tips and Tricks of the Trade, ie: GAIN 1,000 FOLLOWERS! + MORE ×Also, you can find Plant a Tree, Ocean Cleanup, Save a Polar Bear or Book a Model/Actress.



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Jasmine Rodgers says:

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Why are you also promoting in your website the planting of trees? Is this a cause close to your heart?
Sep 5, 7:49AM EDT0
What are the common misconceptions about earning money online?
Sep 4, 9:51PM EDT0
What advice would you offer on how to prepare a successful social media contest or giveaway?
Sep 4, 7:16PM EDT0
What has been the easiest part of working from home for you? What has been the toughest?
Sep 4, 6:18PM EDT0
How much exactly does it cost to set up the Yoonla system? How is Yoonla making money if they are paying a commission to its affiliates for free sign ups?
Sep 4, 9:04AM EDT0
Can one make a living with affiliate marketing?
Sep 3, 3:58PM EDT1

Even the experts say, if this is new to you then it would not be wise to only rely on internet marketing as an only source of income. Now-a-days it's really hard to afford a decent let alone luxury lifestyle without more then one source of revenue. Pretty much all the millionaires have more then one source of income whether it be acting and a clothing line or singing and creating a brand etc. And it doesn't happen overnight with no effort. It could, and the chances of your money ten-folding over night are a definetly possibility. The regular 9-5 doesn't offer this. 

It is quite easy to make it to the top of affiliate marketing, just takes a little practice. No matter what you do in life, try with all your heart and if the shoe fits, wear it.

What to do when you live in shoe? Move to a boot and lace up! :) <3

Sep 3, 8:02PM EDT0
How often does marketing online change? How do you keep up with the trends?
Sep 3, 3:05PM EDT1

This is a very good question. I am dealing with a massive shift with how I am able to promote affiliate marketing with Facebook, Instagram, Google Adsense.. Europe I guess recently changed some spam laws that effect us, which we are open to the world and advertise everywhere...

Some people may have found this a challenge, and shy away from affiliate marketing. I have instead conquered it, and probably why I am fortunate enough to have ranked high enough on AMAfeed.com for you to have reached me <3 

Please do not let this frighten you, if affiliate marketing is new to you - this will have zero effect on you since you will just learn from day forward. Anyone struggling with this can find some useful information at:bentleyprolifestyle.com

Plus a ton more is just being created! There is a ton of articles to be uploaded still, and an entirely new platform + design in the making. Stay tuned!

Sep 3, 7:55PM EDT0
What are your goals for your online business? How do you plan on expanding it?
Sep 3, 5:20AM EDT1

Our personal goal is to help as many people as possible, worldwide, to make and save money in an honest way. Example of one of our goals: Hit 100K followers within 6 months. It's a steep challenge, but I believe we are up to the task. 

That in turn, will help expand our business. By continuing to join new social platforms suchas AMAfeed.com is one of the things we are doing to expand, as well as cooking up a giveaway and spreading by word-of-mouth.

Most people we encounter, are truly thankful and I personally have a lot of friends in this business of internet marketing.

Help us acheive our goal within 6 months of reaching 100k organically!IG: instagram.com/bentleyprolifestyle

Sep 3, 9:45AM EDT1
How does your usual work day look? Do you follow a routine?
Sep 2, 1:52AM EDT1

Interesting question. We have a pretty good routine set, are you ready for this? Lol...

I get woken up either my one year old or two year old. We do the usual diaper change, bottle, breakfast. Then we do some reading excercises, go grocery shopping, to the park/family center, or visiting with our family and friends (almost daily!).

I hop on the laptop or phone to do some work in pretty much whenever I find the spare time.

We continue our day throughout dinner, bath and bedtime. Then, I usually stay up very late in order to keep up with the ever-growing demand and to keep ontop of my engagement. There are many nights/early mornings where I see the sunrise. I am pretty much surviving off love, drive, success and energy drinks! 

If it wasn't paying off, and so much fun I probably would have moved along by now. Internet Marketing is alluring and addictive, I am obsessed with the boom of it all. Bing, bing, bing, the commissions flooding in. It's enough to keep anyone moving forward I believe.

Sep 2, 9:55AM EDT1
In a previous answer you stated honest content is what is needed to make money. What kind of honest content should be marketed?
Sep 1, 6:55AM EDT1

Examples:  "Quality Handmade Shoes" but in all reality it is cheap and factory made. "Delivery within 3 days", but every item takes 6 weeks shipping.  "Zero Start-up Costs" vs Low Start-up Costs. If you chose to mislead your potential customers,  most likely you are going to get cranky customers and a bad reputation. 

People want to know what they are getting into these days, and don't mind the truth. There will always be skeptics in any form of business you are doing, just do your best to stay positive! :) Have a great weekend!

Sep 1, 8:05AM EDT1
What mistakes have you made while trying to make money online? What did you learn from these mistakes?
Aug 31, 3:15PM EDT1

Too many. Not to trust free trials, just do not give your bank information to anyone. Make sure (easy to Google) others trust them first. I got scammed like 4 times in my first month it was terrible.

I'm here to show you the real ways you can trust, and stay within the legal limits.  It leaves a bitter taste in your mouth when you fall for the wrong representation. I think that's why there is so much doubt, but I'm here to clarify that for you.

But the point most people are missing is: There is a ton of untapped market in digital revenue, a million ways to reach you goals and targets. Just do research, that's all. Like you would with investing in college, or university. You want to go with the BEST one with the HIGHEST paying results. Not someone who will eat your money over the internet and cut off communication am I right?

check here to register with company I put my trust in:bentleyprolifestyle.com/where-to-begin.html

Aug 31, 3:25PM EDT1
How important is SEO articles on a website?
Aug 31, 12:37PM EDT1

What is your target market? Would they find it relevant and helpful? Or would they not even know what SEO is? If your readers are there to find out about parenting tips or food recipes chances are they do not want to see an unknown language of SEO and MetaTags.

If your market is similar to bentleyprolifestyle, then having an article on SEO tips the readers would find useful.

Since you are already here, I assume you have a blog. ALL bloggers should do some SEO homework. I have some free courses available, that I have not posted to the blog yet. Please email me @ bentley@bentleyprolifestyle.com

Aug 31, 12:44PM EDT0
How much money can actually be made doing affiliate marketing? How has this changed in the past few years? Is this business growing more?
Aug 31, 11:09AM EDT1

Working from home has increased 115% in the US since 05' according to CNN

That translates to 3.9 million workers, or almost 3% of the total U.S. workforce, working from home at least half the time in 2015, an increase from 1.8 million in 2005.https://money.cnn.com/2017/06/21/pf/jobs/working-from-home/

Business for bentleyprolifestyle grows at such a rapid pace we are having trouble keeping up with the demand of organic leads. For more secrets on how to create a thriving business can be found atbentleyprolifestyle.com

Aug 31, 11:52AM EDT1
What's the best way to get people to come to your website to view your content without spamming them?
Aug 31, 10:09AM EDT1

Fresh Updated Content is a must, always! By Asking questions and opening the lines of communication is a natural way to invite someone back to your website. Giving away useful information for free, or a contest! (I check to see if the contest I've entered has posted the winner!) Having a SOCIAL MEDIA SHARING BUTTON on your page is essential as well. If someone finds your blog interesting, chances are they will share it with the easy click of a button! Others are more likely to trust a post from a friend or family member then one that appears randomly.

Aug 31, 10:42AM EDT1
What trend do you consider the one to follow for bloggers? Why?
Aug 31, 4:12AM EDT1

I suggest keeping a Hashtag Tool bookmarked to keep upto date with the freshest trends. And specificaily SEO Tips and Blogs that feature Trending MetaTags. Try to chose one that updates frequently.There are a lot of free Twitter, Instagram, FB Analytics Tools online. Take a peek! It could help you focus on an area of improvement, or target the proper niche for your blog.

Aug 31, 10:38AM EDT1
How can a company begin to change its approach to HR for better recruitment and talent input?
Aug 30, 8:04PM EDT1

A poll or survey! What better way to gather the employee's true opinion? For better recruitment and talent, broaden your horizons. Place ads in places you wouldn't usually, ask the exisiting employees to refer-a-friend or family member. I am unsure what your company offers, but maybe an Instagram contest or a Giveaway could really revamp any business into recruiting more leads, more promotion, more employees. Good luck! PS- If you are hiring please send me a quick message to bentley@bentleyprolifestyle.com and I will spread the word to a relatable niche for free! (this applies to anyone)

Aug 30, 8:30PM EDT1
What kind of products or services do you usually advertise?
Aug 29, 5:34PM EDT1

I am all over the map when it comes to advertising, as we offer free advertsing on the blog.Being a branded model x4 requires promotion aswell, #loveyourself #repthenorth #savetheanimalsand of course my highest paying gem -> the digital services offered from Yoonla™

Aug 30, 2:00PM EDT1
What can one expect from joining your coaching sessions?
Aug 29, 5:25PM EDT1

A lot of honesty, and a lot of freebies! I already know how to make money, now I want you too learn too.  #mywholeteamrich

Aug 30, 1:56PM EDT1
In your experience, what kind of content is the one that creates more profit?
Aug 29, 8:45AM EDT1

Honest content. Of any sorts, whether it be a funny meme that is true, hitting home for the viewer. Or being up front helpful, and honest with any approach is the very best way to earn a profit. Be yourself, there is always a way. 

Aug 29, 10:14AM EDT1

What are your approaches to SEO? How do you know what parts of the algorithms behind the search engines will provide more visibility?

Aug 29, 7:43AM EDT1

They are 3 keys to the algorithm on any platform whether it be Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest... any of it. The creators keep it a secret as to how the algorithm actually works, but I have taken many many training courses on this and SEO to become a certified expert in SEO, with document proof. -1. Great Content2. Engage (Post Daily at least 1-3, with many tags or hashtag, engage with your following Like, Invite, PM/DM, give offers and free advice).3. Promote! Ask them to Like and Share. Don't be shy!-This is actually a post I am working hard on to publicize on my blog, along with a reference list of free training videos and webinars that I personally used. -Some simple tricks to jump ahead can be found at:https://bentleyprolifestyle.com/affiliate-infiltrate.html

Aug 29, 10:05AM EDT1
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